Providing Value to Agribusiness Throughout the Northeast

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The Northeast Agribusiness and Feed Alliance represents agribusinesses throughout New York and New England. We welcome membership from across the United States and Canada.

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Membership Provides You Value Through:

Professional Advocates:
The only northeastern association lobbying directly for agribusinesses

Washington Alliances:
AFIA, NGFA monitor and engage in legislation and regulatory issues


  • Herd Health and Nutrition Conferences

  • Newsletters

  • Email blasts

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  • Member educational seminars


  • Industry networking

  • Coalitions

  • Strategic partnerships

  • Engage with regional, national organizations

We Represent:

  • Agribusiness

  • Feed Manufacturers and Dealers

  • Ag Retail Stores

  • Allied Supplier Companies

  • Academics

  • Nutritionists

  • Transportation Companies

Agribusiness: The Support Industry for Production Ag

  • Feed, seed, fertilizer, financial services, transportation, veterinary and nutritional services, and professional advisers all comprise a network of companies that help make the farming community successful.

  • NEAFA provides professional support to agribusiness through advocacy, collaboration and educational services.

  • NEAFA is the only multi-state association lobbying for agribusiness in the Northeastern US.

  • The growth opportunity for northeast agriculture is great! NEAFA will be there for the agribusiness community.

The Northeast Agribusiness and Feed Alliance’s Recent Accomplishments:

  • Successful advocacy for state support of PRO-DAIRY.

  • Successful participation with a coalition of animal agriculture groups to prevent caged layer legislation in New Hampshire and Connecticut.

  • Successful communication with FDA on FSMA language and feed inspection protocols.

  • Frequent meetings with northeast commissioners and secretaries of agriculture. Supported funding for New Hampshire Department of Agriculture.

  • Effectively lobbied against New York Thruway toll increases.

  • Supported passage of Maine Dairy Stabilization Fund.

  • Supported defense of agricultural property tax relief in Vermont.

  • Provided support to farmers suffering from hurricane and flood disasters through New York FarmNet and Vermont Community Foundation.