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The efficient production of affordable, wholesome food has been improved through the use of modern equipment, seeds, and animal housing.

Agriculture Technology Background

Modern agricultural practices-Farmers use science-based animal care practices and crop production technology to provide wholesome, affordable food for an expanding global population and to protect water and soil resources. Over the last four decades, advances in agricultural output have been sufficient to support better and more secure diets for most of the world’s population. Grain production has more than doubled since the 1970’s, but acres planted have grown only modestly.

Animal Welfare- Good animal care is an essential component on all modern dairy and livestock farms; comfortable, healthy animals are more productive. Farmers use the best possible livestock practices to care for their animals to maintain the resourceful production of food. The global demands for beef, pork and poultry in 2050 are expected to nearly double from production levels in 2020 and modern animal care will play an important role in meeting the need.

Agriculture Technology Position Statement

The Alliance supports the rights of farmers to utilize science-based animal practices and crop production technology in the management of their farms.