History of Northeast Agribusiness and Feed Alliance

The Alliance was formed in 2004 when two longstanding organizations, the New England Grain and Feed Council and the Eastern Federation of Feed Merchants, merged to combine their collective strengths. The Alliance Board of Directors meets several times a year to focus on our strategic objectives of advocacy, collaboration and education.

The Alliance changed its name from Northeast Ag & Feed Alliance to Northeast Agribusiness and Feed Alliance in 2014.

Past Presidents – Northeast Agribusiness and Feed Alliance


Past Presidents – The Boston Grain & Flour Exchange New England Grain & Feed Council

Dean K. Webster1925 Arno Hangas1968-1969
Albert K. Tepper1926-1929 Carlo T. Bruno1970
Henry P. Smith1930-1931 Richard L. Nickless1971-1972
Paul T. Rothwell1932-1933 Dean K. Webster, III1973-1974
Arthur F. Hopkins1934-1935 Williams H.P. Hopkins1975-1976
Carl J.B. Currie1936-1937 John Gallick1977
Frank C. Bowes1938-1939 George Boyajian1978-1980
Dean K. Webster, Jr.1940-1941 Edwin H. Probst1981
Frank J. Sennott1942-1943 Donald A. Upton1982-1983
Joseph A. Bassett1944-1945 J. Timothy Ide1984
Charles J. Koelsch1946-1947 Marvin W. Colburn1985-1986
Granville M. Bond1948-1949 Russell B. Hayes1987
John H. Lee1950-1951 Robert Hoffmann1988-1989
Dinsmore Worthing1952-1953 Wilho Myllymaki1990-1991
R.E. Gubbins1954-1955 R. Kingman Webster1992-1993
John J. Field1956-1957 Michael L. Smith1994-1995
John P. Brooks1958-1959 Richard M. Lockwood1996-1997
Herbert F. Koelsch1960-1961 Thomas R. O’Connell1998-1999
Raymond C. Grandone1962-1963 Mark Grassbaugh2000-2001
Roland C. Koelsch1964-1965 Peter Chapman2002-2003
Arno Hangas1968-1969   

Past Presidents – Eastern Federation of Feed Merchants

George Strong1918-1933*  Orville E. Rising1969-1970
Reeve Harden  William H.P. Hopkins1970-1971
W.S. Vanderzee  B. Quillin Chandler1971-1972
Fred M. McIntyre1933-1936  W.G. Tuman1972-1973
Albert J. Thompson1936-1941  A.C. Goodrich1973-1974
Austin W. Carpenter1941-1943  Lincoln Welles1974-1976
Kenneth E. Eldred1943-1949  Vincent Schoonmaker1976-1977
Scott B. Gray1949-1951  Virginia Mattison1977-1979
Arthur B. Stover1951-1955  Duncan P. Nesbitt1979-1982
Norman R. Dailey1955-1957  Edson K. Murdock1982-1984
Richard S. Demarest1957-1959  Robert Nearing, Jr.1984-1985
Simon B Rhoads1959-1960  Lloyd James1985-1986
Raymond F. Weld1960-1962  Rene Lavoie1986-1988
Gurdon Slosberg1962-1963  Thomas Hitchings1988-1990
O. Sheldon Chandler1963-1965  Robert Mattison1990-1992
Irving A. Linter1965-1966  Norman Van Ord1992-1994
George Langwick1966-1967  Ken Van Wagner1994-1996
Ralph O. Phillips1967-1968  Allen Houghton1996-1998
Donald Mattison1968-1969  William Colten1998-2001
    John Griffin2001-2003