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Join The Fight Against Banning Lorsban!

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TO:  Northeast Agribusiness and Feed Alliance Members

Join with the agriculture community to encourage Governor Cuomo to veto the Lorsban ban (chlorpyrifos) bill!  The State Legislature failed to stop this bad legislation and now it’s up to the Governor to do the right thing.  Your message can be an important part of convincing him that a veto is the right choice!

Your signature is needed on a petition to echo strong opposition to a law that would ban this important insecticide.  DEC already has the authority to review and approve pesticides and this legislation will undermine the professional, science based decisions. 
Unfortunately,  chlorpyrifos (Lorsban)  is only one of several pesticides being considered to be banned by the legislature.  Glyphosate, atrazine, neonics, are all facing the threat of a legislative ban. This petition addresses all of those agricultural protectants which have been approved for registration in New York.
Please take action and sign the electronic petition.  NYSABA will make sure your petition is delivered to legislative leaders.
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